The Latest

The Latest

James River Nurseries recently landscaped an upscale luxury custom home built by Pitts & Associates. Just like each home they build, this one was born out of a collaborative effort between the client, architect and Tony Pitts, owner of Pitts & Associates.

For a little background on Tony and his company, we will jump back in time 27 years. That would be when Tony was a recent graduate of Hampden-Sydney College and decided to return to his hometown and become a home builder.  Tony didn't want to be just any type of home builder, he set his sights on a very specific niche market. That market…high end, upscale homes where luxury comes standard.  Based on his track record, we would say his aim was spot-on.

Tony’s hands-on approach, coupled with the scale of the projects, necessitates a limit to the number of clients he works with at any given time. Keeping the number of homes built each year to only a few, Tony is able to ensure the craftsmanship & attention to detail that his clients have come to expect.   Superior quality, lasting value, inspired design and genuine customer care have all contributed to a reputation that is the fuel behind his success. Almost all of his business comes from referrals made by someone familiar with the quality of his work.

For nearly two decades, James River Nurseries has been Tony’s go to landscape contractor. We appreciate his confidence in our ability to deliver quality landscaping and to be listed among the subcontractors that have maintained a long term working relationship with Tony and his company.  At Pitts & Associates, they believe "relationships are a significant aspect of the building process" and contribute to their ability to consistently deliver his clients the highest levels of quality and service.

Oh…and we really enjoy having the opportunity to see the homes that he builds…they are always awesome! Below is a short video of James River Nurseries landscaping his most recent project.  We think you’ll see why we say his homes are awesome!

For additional information on Tony and his company, please go to Pitts & Associates