The Latest

The Latest

James River Nurseries recently completed the construction of a labyrinth for one of our clients and thought we'd share some interesting information about the potential benefits of a labyrinth.

From the Labyrinth Company™ website
Research conducted at the Harvard Medical School's Mind/Body Medical Institute by Dr. Herbert Benson has found that focused walking meditations are highly efficient at reducing anxiety and eliciting what Dr. Benson calls the 'relaxation response.'  This effect has significant long-term benefits, including lower blood pressure and breathing rates, reduced incidents of chronic pain, reduction of insomnia, improved fertility, and many other benefits.  Regular meditative practice leads to greater powers of concentration and a sense of control and efficiency in one's life.

A labyrinth is not a maze, but a walking meditation device with a single winding path from the edge to the center.  There are no tricks, choices or dead ends in a labyrinth walk.  The same path is used to return to the outside.

Walking a labyrinth is a right brain activity (creative, intuitive, imaginative), and can induce or enhance a contemplative or meditative state of mind.  It is a tool which can clear the mind, calm our anxieties during periods of transition and stress, guide healing, deepen self-knowledge, enhance creativity, allow for reconciliation, restore feeling of belonging to a community, and lead to personal and spiritual growth.

Wow!  That all sounds pretty good!  If you think you might like a labyrinth in your yard, give us a call, we'd be happy to build you one!

Check out this short video of us working on the one we recently completed: