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The Latest

We can't wait to see what's next!  That was the closing proclamation in a video we created to say "Thank You" to Capital Trees for spearheading the Low Line project.

We're excited to announce we no longer need to wait to see what's next!  We recently installed plants at Low Line Green, the latest project led by our friends at Capital Trees.

Low Line Green is the second phase of the Low Line and is located on the western edge of that project.  In additon to continuing on the theme of creating beautiful public spaces in the city, this project will also offer very real benefits to our waterways, just as the Low Line project did.

By serving as a rain garden of sorts, where the soil and plants filter water run-off, Low Line Green will effectively decrease the amount of pollutants (sediment, phosphorous, oil & grease, etc.) that are found in the run-off from I-95 and the Downtown Expressway.

Minimizing the pollutants flowing into our waterways is an admirable goal on its own.  The added bonus of a new beautiful urban green space is icing on the cake!

Thank you, Capital Trees!!  You have once again shown tremendous leadership when it comes to executing on a big idea and bringing together the people and resources necessary for the benefit of not only our waterways and ecosystem, but also everyone who will surely enjoy the beauty that has been created!

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