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IF there was a cherry tree, and IF a young George Washington took his hatchet to his father's cherry tree, and IF, when confronted by his father about such act George proclaimed, "I cannot tell a lie; I did cut it with my hatchet," then it would have taken place at Ferry Farm, the historic homesite of George Washington.

The story of the cherry tree is reportedly a myth put forth by Mason Lock Weems, an American author, in order to demonstrate the integrity of the Father of Our Country.  What is not a myth is Ferry Farm itself.

George Washington's boyhood homesite, also known as Ferry Farm, is located in Stafford County, Virginia.  In 2008 archaeologist found remains of the home (which had been damaged during a fire in 1740) and in 2015, the George Washington Foundation began construction of an interpretive replica of his boyhood home in order to create an "interactive and hands-on experience for all ages, where visitors can experience what life was like in the eighteenth century."

"The construction of the Washington house on its archaeological footprint is part of the transformative first phase of the multi-year venture to physically develop George Washinton's Ferry Farm into an outdoor living museum.  This phase will also include reconstructing the kitchen and outbuildings, and recreating period landscape."

James River Nurseries was proud to be selected hardscape contractor to refurbish the pathways located within Ferry Farm.  Additionally, we were grateful to be in a position to make a donation to the George Washington Foundation.

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