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The Latest

Landscaping isn't just about the curb appeal of your property!  With a strategic landscape design, your wallet could be thanking you when it comes to time to pay your energy bill.

We recently ran across a great video shared by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) describing just how landscaping can help any home achieve greater energy efficiency.

We hope you find it informative.

At James River Nurseries, safety on the job is serious business, and we work hard each day to keep it a top of mind priority.  We know creating a culture centered around safety doesn't just happen, it needs to be cultivated.  We believe strong, steady leadership and guidance is essential in achieving the desired outcome of keeping everyone healthy and free from injury.

In that vein, we'd like to recognize Eddie Mann, our in-house Safety Director, for providing the needed leadership and guidance.  Eddie has a solid understanding of the fundamentals of workplace safety as well as what it takes to be OSHA compliant, and generously shares his knowledge to help us make strides toward a healthy and safe work environment.

At James River Nurseries, taking responsibility for the health & safety of ourselves and those around us is not something we take lightly and is a concept which serves our company and our clients very well.  We'd like to offer our heartfelt thanks to Eddie for his professionalism and commitment to our culture of health & safety.

In 2007, the U.S. Senate unanimously approved and designated a week in June as "National Pollinator Week."  Designed to address the urgent issue of pollinator populations, National Pollinator Week is a time to celebrate pollinators and spread the word about what we can do to protect them.

"Pollination occurs when pollen grains are moved between two flowers of the same species, or within a single flower, by wind or animals that are pollinators.  Successful pollination, which may require visits by multiple pollinators to a single flower, results in healthy fruit and fertile seeds, allowing plants to reproduce.  Without pollinators, we simply wouldn't have many crops!"

According to the U.S. Forest Service, "pollinators are responsible for assisting over 80% of the world's flowering plants to reproduce.  Without them, humans and wildlife wouldn't have much to eat or look at!"  It is estimated that 1 out of every 3 bites of food comes to us through the work of animal pollinators.

James River Nurseries was proud to be selected landscape contractor for the William & Mary Alumni House expansion project.

The Alumni House features a new entrance with dedicated reception area, a ballroom that will accomodate 400 people for a seated dinner and more than 800 for a standing reception, as well as an alumni lounge and business center.

At James River Nurseries, we consider it a privilege to work on the campus of the second oldest institution of higher learning in the United States (founded in 1693) and would like to congratulate everyone associated with William & Mary on the opening of their newly expanded Alumni House and wish them the best as they continue to nurture old relationships and cultivate new ones in this beautiful facility.

James River Nurseries would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the Virginia Garden Club!  Why?  Because this year they're celebrating 100 years!  100 years of preserving Virginia's natural resources & historic landscapes, as well as informing, educating, and challenging others to become engaged in those issues.

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, many of the events planned for their centennial celebration have been cancelled or postponed, but their achievement of this milestone is no less significant and we would like to celebrate them by sharing a bit of their story (in their own words):

"In 1920, as women were fighting for the right to vote and our road systems were first being created, Laura Wheelwright of the James River Garden Club gathered friends who belonged to eight garden clubs across the commonwealth to found Garden Club of Virginia.  Their vision was to form an alliance among garden clubs to elevate their voice in the commonweath for important environmental issues.

Over the years, while leadership of the organization has changed, the women of GCV have remained steadfast in their mission to protect Virginia.

GCV exists today as a historic partnership of 47 garden clubs from across the commonwealth.  Its members form an active association of 3,300 community and civic leaders seeking to advocate for and preserve the beauty of Virginia for its citizens and visitors.  For nearly 100 years, GCV has been synonymous with garden restoration and conservation of natural resources in Virginia."

At James River Nurseries, we believe the Garden Cub of Virginia provides a valuable service and helps strenghten our community.  We wish them the very best on the next 100 years!