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The Latest

Did you know James River Nurseries has a full service hardscapes division? That’s right! In addition to being able to help with your landscaping projects, we are also prepared to assist with any hardscape needs you may have. From driveways and walkways to outdoor fireplaces and retaining walls, we can do it all.

Our professional hardscape experts will work closely with you on the design of your project as well as assist you in the selection of materials that will create the look and feel you desire. With decades of collective experience and a commitment to always meet or exceed industry standards, you can have confidence in our ability to get the job done right!

So if you have a hardscape project on your “to do” list, give us a call, we would be happy to help. We look forward to hearing from you!

Below is a short video of us installing a paver driveway and walkway for a client.

On May 7, 2014, longtime local real estate developer Robert "Bob" Atack passed from this life after his battle with cancer.  In his memory, we are rerunning an article we posted last year.  Many people in our community were familiar with Bob's generosity, but may not be aware that Bob's kindness and generosity extended far beyond his contributions which made the headlines.  Bob, at his core, cared about the next guy and was willing to lend a helping hand where he saw a need.  When we made the post last year, we chose to leave Bob's name out of the article in a nod to the man we knew him to be...a man who offered to help carry the burden for others, not because of the recognition he would receive, but because he believed it to be the right thing to do.  We know he appreciated the article because he wrote us and told us as much.
When this community lost Bob, we certainly lost a great developer, but we lost an even better man.  We are thankful for the lessons he taught us about kindness and generosity.  Below is the article we post December 2013.

James River Nurseries recently had an encounter with it's very own Christmas magic and without revealing any specific individual or individuals, we would like to share it with you in celebration of the spirit of the season.

Fortunately, not everyone must endure the painful series of events that Ebenezer Scrooge did in order to understand that the true spirit of the season is found in the magic of giving.  Recently we were fortunate to witness this magic come to life right before our eyes (well, really only one of us witnessed it first hand, but the story was brought back to us and we were all equally touched by the gesture).  It came in the form of a completely unexpected display of generosity.

It's not everyday that an innocuous conversation regarding the plight of a handful of people results in someone handing over a large sum of money on the spot to be given to them.  There was no hype, no expectation of recognition, no fanfare, just an expression of human compassion and the simple request to make sure that they got the money.

And though we have not mentioned this generous individual by name (a client we have had the privilege of working with for many, many years) you can be sure that we at James River Nurseries are well aware of who he is and are deeply appreciative of this incredibly unselfish and generous act that will be remembered for some time to come.

It is our hope that over this holiday season everyone has the opportunity to experience the feeling of knowing exactly how special and wonderful the magic of giving can be.

Good people…working hard to do things the right way. At James River Nurseries, that’s who we like to believe we are as a company and feel fortunate for the opportunity to work with so many local companies that fit that same profile.

The latest company to call on James River Nurseries for a landscaping project is a client we have had the privilege of working with in the past and our experience with them tells us they easily fit into the category of “good people…working hard to do things the right way.” That company is CD Hall Construction.

Founded by Carter Hall in the 1990’s, CD Hall Construction has grown from humble beginnings as a company primarily focused on site clearing, to what it is today…a full-service site work provider for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Under the watchful eye of Carter Hall, this company has become one of Virginia’s preferred site work and demolition contractors. Carter’s hands-on approach with his customers and team members is a driving force that has elevated this company’s reputation to one of the best in the industry. Coupled with a philosophy of superior customer service and a dedication to safety practices on each job site, their clients, be it in the public or private sector, have come to expect the best when they hire CD Hall Construction for a job. At CD Hall, they have no problem with those lofty expectations, in fact, they match up perfectly with their own.

The wide range of services offered make them the ideal contractor for all site work. From demolition of buildings to site preparation, installation of underground site utilities, including sanitary as well as storm sewer, to the installation of utility conduits for power and cable, this company does it all. They are also experts when it comes to concrete, making them the perfect candidate for every “cast-in-place concrete need in commercial, industrial and residential developments.” Those services include “concrete pads, pavement, sidewalks, stairs, curbs, storm boxes, drainage ditches and ADA renovations.” For a complete list of their services, please visit CD Hall Construction.

At James River Nurseries we respect companies that take quality performance and ethical business practices seriously, and like to think our clients select us to provide landscaping/hardscapes services because they recognize we take those attributes seriously as well.

James River Nurseries recently worked on an extensive hardscapes project at Short Pump Town Center. It was both challenging and rewarding to participate in this multi-million dollar renovation at one of Richmond’s busiest malls.

Originally opening in 2003, this upscale shopping center commands a large percentage of the region’s retail business. In an effort to continue to grow and build on its reputation as the premier shopping destination, the owners of the mall (Forest City 34%, QIC 33%, Pruitt Associates 33%) are showing a strong commitment to keeping things fresh, new and exciting. This is clearly evident in the extensive renovations that have been taking place at the mall as well as their aggressive positioning to attract new stores.

Some of the changes include a pedestrian bridge that spans across the Main Plaza, a centrally located elevator, new gathering spaces, canopies over walkways, a feature fireplace, and more than a dozen new and recently added retailers and restaurants. Another point of emphasis has been to enhance the flow of foot traffic within the mall allowing for easier access to upper and lower level retailers and restaurants. The focus…elevating the overall customer experience.

At James River Nurseries, we feel fortunate to be invited to work on some of the most successful and high profile projects in the region. Being awarded the contract to handle the hardscapes portion of the renovation for Short Pump Town Center certainly fits that bill!

We are thankful for the opportunity to work on such a great project and we are especially thankful for the hard work and dedication of everyone in our hardscapes division. Being pushed by deadlines so that Short Pump Town Center was ready to put its best foot forward for the holiday season, our guys worked nearly around the clock (literally) in order to satisfy the rigorous demands for completion. Great job guys!!

Below is a short video showing the before, during and after progression of the project.

Are you thinking about adding an entry/apron to your driveway? At James River Nurseries we have a full service hardscapes division that can help with that! Our professionals will listen to you regarding your needs, preferences and budget and will guide you throughout the process. From design ideas and patterns to assisting with the selection of the appropriate materials to expertly installing your project, we have the knowledge and skill to get the job done.

Driveway aprons are a great way to create a welcoming approach to your driveway as well as bring a creative element of personal design to the curb appeal of your home. So if you are located in Central Virginia and think we could be of service, give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!

Below is a short video of James River Nurseries installing a driveway apron.