The Latest

The Latest

James River Nurseries recently participated in a "Touch a Truck" event at Short Pump Elementary School.  The event, designed to be interactive, allowed the children to see, touch and explore vehicles in a safe environment.

For our part, we exhibited our water truck for the kids to see and learn about.  Our very own Dean Johnson did a great job sharing the benefits of a water truck and the role water plays in keeping trees and plants alive.

Other vehicles at the event included a mobile library van from Henrico County Public Library, Storm Rider 6 from WTVR CBS 6, 2 trucks from FedEx, and a police cruiser from Henrico County Police.

We'd like to thank all the good folks over at Short Pump Elementary for inviting James River Nurseries to participate in this fun event.

At James River Nurseries, we don't believe you need to spend much time on the campus of University of Richmond to discern the role of the inspiring physical setting (gothic architecture and loads of greenery) in creating the ideal atmosphere for academic pursuit.  We also imagine the attractive environment contributes to the tremendous sense of pride the students, alumni and faculty must have for their University.

With campus beauty being a defining characteristic (they can almost always be found in the rankings of the most beautiful college campuses in America...most recently they were ranked 5th on the Princeton Review's 2020 list of most beautiful campuses), their attention to detail, as it relates to curb appeal, should come as no surprise.  So when the hillside in front of the Queally Center was not up to their standards, they turned to us.

James River Nurseries was honored to be selected landscape contractor for a landscape renovation project at the Queally Center on the campus of University of Richmond.  The Queally Center "integrates the offices of admission, financial aid, and employer development under one roof, transforming the visitor experience and serving (our) students from acceptance letter to offer letter."


James River Nurseries would like to congratulate Doug Rodes, a valued employee, for passing the Landscape Architect Registration Examination (LARE) to become a licensed Landscape Architect.  The LARE is a four part exam designed to assess whether applicants for landscape architectural licensure possess "sufficient knowledge, skills and abilities to provide services without endangering the health, safety and welfare of the public."

Each section of this rigorous exam is designed to challenge the candidate to use multiple elements of their knowledge in order to solve problems presented to them.  Candidates must pass all sections of the exam in order to become licensed.

Exam topics include:
Property and Construction Management
Inventory and Analysis
Grading, Drainage and Construction Documentation

At James River Nurseries, we understand the commitment, knowledge and skill it took for Doug to pass this exam, and applaud his dedication to the landscape profession.  Congratulations, Doug!  We're all extremely proud to have you as a member of our team!

Here at James River Nurseries, we feel fortunate to call Ashland, one of America's quintessential small towns, home.  Though our nursery is not located in downtown proper (we need just a tad more space than would be practical), our affinity for the downtown area is strong.

And so as Downtown Ashland Association, formerly Main Street Association, recommits their efforts to encourage pedestrian traffic and make the downtown area more aestetically pleasing, we are enthusiastically supporting their efforts by helping defray costs associated with installing planters.

They are currently raising money to fund a project that will bring large evergreens in planters with solar-powered lighting along both sides of England Street.  In order to fund the project, they are seeking donors to reserve planters in a loved one's name (or someone they would like to recognize) for $1,500.  Of course donations of any denomination will be accepted.

Their campaign goal is to raise $30,000 "to make Downtown Ashland more inviting, walkable, and beautifull."  If you are interested in supporting this project, please visit:  Sponsor A Planter

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James River Nurseries is proud to sponsor the 2019 Children's Hospital Foundation Ball.  The event will take place on the evening of November 1, 2019 at The Country Club of Virginia.

"The proceeds from the 2019 Ball will support the Center for Craniofacial Care at Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU, enabling treatment of more children with vascular birthmarks and tumors and creation of a pediatric laser center to help children with vascular birthmarks and scars.  The Center will ensure that children in our area with these conditions can function, look, and feel their best. Funding also will be used to develop a multidisciplinary program to treat children with a common genetic syndrome with widely varying symptoms including heart abnormalities and clef palates."

At James River Nurseries, giving back to our community is a concept that never gets old, especially when our contributions go toward such a worthy cause.

For ticket information, please visit:  2019 Children's Hospital Foundation Ball